Pet Meal Program

Welcome to the Pet Meal Program!

The Kia Foundation, Inc presents a convenient at home pet meal delivery program for disabled, veteran and elderly pet owners where you will receive your dog and/or cat food every month to the comfort of your home!

How does it work?

  • Complete the application by CLICKING HERE
  • Personalize your monthly package for what you need
  • The 1st Saturday of each month your personalized meal package will be delivered between 11AM – 2PM

Email us at any time with additional questions or requests. We look forward to serving you!

Pet Meal Member Reviews!

” I have saved so much since being part of the pet meal program and I receive what I need right at home!” – Pet Meal member since 2018

“The Kia Foundation, Inc. pet meal program is exactly what I need for my animals. I am homebound and this has been one less thing on my plate, and my kitties love it!” – Pet Meal Member since 2019

“The Kia Foundation, Inc. are kind people with great ideas to help others. The pet meal program has helped me to afford other bills and feed my dog a more balanced diet.”- Pet Meal Member since 2018

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